Gavin St Pier

The future can be different

Welcome to my website. I am seeking support from the electors of St. Sampson’s to be re-elected as a States Deputy at the election being held on Wednesday, 27th April 2016.

I hope to meet you at the election hustings or as I canvass from property-to-property in the next month. However, if you wish to arrange a time to meet (or would prefer me not to call on you at home) please contact me on 715057 or 07839 240167 or by email at

I wrote in my 2012 election leaflet: “I do not have all the answers to the issues that Guernsey is facing …As there is no party politics in Guernsey, candidates can make all sorts of promises and then – once elected – fail to deliver on any of them whilst they are in the States. I am going to avoid empty promises which I may be unable to honour.” That remains as true now as it was then. Instead, I want to share with you my experience, my aspirations for Guernsey and give you my views on some key current topics.

We have many challenges in the next few years and there will be a range of views on how to tackle them. But like the majority of you, I care passionately about our island home and I want it to be a place that my children can live and thrive. That is what drives me and why I remain committed to working hard in the best interests of the community as a whole. I recognise that the most difficult decisions are often also the most contentious but I have never flinched from making those decisions, however unpopular that may be at times.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit this website. I hope that it will enable you to make an informed choice. Thank you for your support and your vote.

P.S. I have posted to each registered voter a copy of my manifesto.  I apologise if, as a result, some homes receive multiple copies.  However, if you only send one manifesto to each address, you receive complaints from some voters they have not been treated independently.  (NB The additional costs incurred of around £250 is paid by me personally.)

Gavin St. Pier

St. Sampson’s

Quick facts

Age: 51

Political experience:
First elected in 2012 as a States Deputy and Minister of Treasury and Resources

Re-elected in 2019 as States Deputy and President of the Policy & Resources Committee/Chief Minister

Resides in: Lived in St. Sampson’s since 1997

Family: Married with 3 children


  • Chartered Accountant
  • Chartered Tax Adviser
  • Barrister


  • Family
  • Smallholding (growing and animals)
  • Boating

07839 240167

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Messages of Support
  • "Having spent the last four years as a non-States member on the board of the Social Security Department, I have had the opportunity to observe Gavin at close quarters. I have found him clear thinking, decisive, pragmatic and most important, highly principled. I have no hesitation in recommending Gavin and confirm he will have both my support and vote in the forthcoming election."

    Mike Brown, Non-States Member, Social Security Department

  • "I have known Gavin for about 13 years in a working and social capacity. I know him to be a man of great integrity, honesty and passion for things he believes in. I will be voting for him and will encourage everyone I know to do the same as I believe Gavin will work tirelessly for the people of Guernsey and will undoubtedly make a difference for us all."

    Paul Spruce

  • "With his experience - of what represents the cornerstone of our economy - if he is prepared to serve in the States, he should be welcomed. We have no other significant industry, and no prospect of one, and if the finance industry fails, people are going to be very hard up and we will probably lose our independence.”

    Advocate William Simpson, Ogier

  • "I will vote for Gavin. Gavin is unafraid to challenge and debate the difficult decisions that must be made to secure Guernsey's long term future. His opinions and thinking is well considered and rationale. Gavin continues to demonstrate he has the interest of the island and the community at heart.I will vote for Gavin. Gavin is unafraid to challenge and debate the difficult decisions that must be made to secure Guernsey's long term future. His opinions and thinking is well considered and rationale. Gavin continues to demonstrate he has the interest of the island and the community at heart."

    Anne Ewing, Company director

  • "I voted for Gavin in the last election, and I will be voting for him again in this election.The last few years have had their ups and downs for Gavin, both politically and personally, but throughout he has maintained accountability, transparency, dignity and humour, despite some very personal attacks on social media. He is a genuinely good guy, who has to make some very difficult decisions which he knows may make him unpopular. But he is not afraid to make those decisions, because he believes that they will make Guernsey a better place for all of us. Which is why he has my vote. Guernsey needs to make big changes in order to progress and thrive. Gavin is driven by his love of his family and his love of Guernsey. Happiness and health are at the core of Gavin’s vision for the future of the Island. There will be ups and downs along the way, but I have the up most faith that Gavin is the right person to change Guernsey for the better."

    Ali Martin, part time fitness coach, full time mum

  • "I have found Gavin to be a straight talking, honest and principled individual. Well intentioned and genuine in his desire to make Guernsey a better place. Whilst I may not agree with all of his views (and in particular his recent stance in the Education debate,) I have found him to be intelligent and articulate when putting forward his opinions. Guernsey needs more talented individuals of this calibre to stand for election, and I would suggest that Gavin’s integrity stands in stark contrast to the muddled thinking and populist dogma peddled by some."

    Tim Robins, Commercial Pilot